For this new album Dirtmusic's Chris Eckman (together with Peter Weber the driving force behind Glitterbeat Records) and Hugo Race travelled to Istanbul where they joined forces with BaBa ZuLa front man Murat Ertel (and Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol also makes an appearance in 'Love Is A Foreign Country'), exchanging the desert tents of their collaboration with Tamikrest for a garage converted into a studio. That being said, their concept of tearing down real and imaginary borders (see, for example, 'The Border Crossing') remains unchanged. Asked about their experiences in Istanbul, Hugo replied: "Recording like this is truly in the moment, there are no preconceptions to satisfy and the music and words are improvised. We drew inspiration from the atmosphere of Istanbul, the general disaffection with the state media and the uncertainty of the immediate future...", while Chris added: "(Murat's) studio is really a warm and relaxed place to work. I think if we had tried the same thing at a slick studio, with the clock running, it wouldn't have come together so easily. By the end of the first day the friendships were already forming and we were having a hell of a good time!". The result are seven new psych-folk-rock tracks Dirtmusic describes as: "...hypnotic rhythms, cinematic atmospheres and dark political realities...". East meets West at its best and with 'Bu Bir Ruya', translating as: "It's a dream", Eckman, Race and Ertel provide the ideal soundtrack for an era in which migration and oppression have become key words!