After the break-up of the Neerpelt-based ska band Sun To Sheeva in 2012, a number of musicians from the band, supplemented by members of Dr. Blue Beat and Gerasene Pigs, decided to make a new start as Dirty Undies. The band's name is a reference to: "Walter, I'm sure there's a reason you brought your dirty undies, man.", a piece of dialogue from 'The Big Lebowski', a film classic of which the band members were clearly big fans. The Dutch lyrics from Sun To Sheeve have been replaced by English, and on 'We'll See But First We'll Wait', the Dirty Undies' debut album, the band presents a mix of ska and reggae with elements from surf ('Fisherman'), Balkan-brass ('City Slang'), rockabilly ('Big Time'), even some Indian influences in closing track 'Gaslamp Radio', and for 'Bees And Love' experiment the Limburgers even experiment with dub. Our favorite from the track list: the firmly up-tempo party starter 'Warning', in which drummer/vocalist Terry Beks gives his voice a bit of a feminine touch. Added benefit: to party with Dirty Undies you don't even have to change your underwear!