'Dubcatcher 2: Wicked My Yout' does not only hail the return of our favorite reggae superhero Dubcatcher, but with this album DJ Vadim delivers a rare feat: producing a sequel that surpasses the quality of the original! With Max Romeo, Earl Sixteen, General Levy, Tippa Irie, YT, Stand High Patrol and Raggasonic's Big Red, Vadim definitely compiled an excellent guest list for this sequel. With 'Originator', beside Dynamite MC also featuring Daddy Cookiz, vocalist with Atomic Spliff, there's even a Belgian artist on 'Dubcatcher 2'! 'Dubcatcher 2' once again offers that same mix of reggae and hip-hop ('Sometimes' feat. Inja, 'Murder Murder' feat. Earl Sixteen & Jimmy Screech...) we also encountered on 'Dubcatcher'. Absolute killer in the track list is opener 'Fussin And Fighting' featuring Demolition Man, for which DJ Vadim used a sample of Matthew McAnuff's 'Be Careful', and 'Judgement', featuring Max Romeo, Abstract Rude and YT, is another highlight. Absolute party starter of an album!