Dobet Gnahoré belongs to a select group of artists, born to be on stage. If that kind of artist releases an album, expectations are always a bit higher. Luckily Dobet's latest, 'Djekpa La You', doesn't disappoint. On the album, dedicated to the children in the world, she continues on the path she's been following since 'Na Afriki' and 'Ano Neko': fresh almost stateless but unmistakably African music sung in various languages. On 'Djekpa La You' Dobet sounds at times like Zap Mama's Marie Daulne, moments later only to evoke the primeval mother of African music, Miriam Makeba. The fact Dobet, together with India Arie, won a Grammy (Best Urban/Alternative Performance) for the song 'Pearls' (a reworking of 'Palea' fom 'Na Afriki') surprised us by no means!