You have but to look at the cover of this new Dobet Gnahoré album to realize that this gorgeous African singer is not to be trifled with. That being said, on 'Na Drê' she's not afraid to open up her heart (translated from Bete, the title track composed by Lokua Kanza, means "my heart"). On 'Na Drê' Gnahoré broaches topics like god ('Allah'), friendship ('Awili'), work ('Baara') and the misfortune women worldwide often have to bear (abuse in 'Zina', maternal death in 'Tania' and forced marriage in 'Fouroussi'), once again sung in a colorful blend of languages (Bete, Malinke, Dida, Haitian Creole, Lingala). That all results in yet another highly enjoyable album full of Afro-pop exactly as it should sound!