Jay Spaker aka Double Tiger is best known as one half of Tour De Force, founder of the Dub Stuy Records label and his work with John Brown's Body, but with 'Sharp & Ready' he now also presents his first solo effort. The entire album was recorded at Jay's home studio in Brooklyn, with Double Tiger not limiting himself to one style, but instead delivering a highly diversified track list. Asked about the vibe of the album, Jay commented: "I feel it's very important to make positive and uplifting music with the political climate, the many injustices and environmental issues. So many heavy things in the world right now and music has the power to heal and create change, so I feel it is a duty or musicians to spread joy, heal and inspire." Double Tiger seems to feel just as well at ease with an up-tempo ska stomper like 'Rocking Time', as with fine lovers tunes like 'Falling' or 'A Feelin'', sturdy new roots tracks like 'Babylon Expire' or 'Time Has Come', or even party starters like 'Live Life' and closing track 'Ram Dancehall'. Excellent debut effort that continues to fascinate from the first to the last note. 'Sharp & Ready' indeed!