There are albums you just want in your collection for that one song in the track list and Dreadzone's 'Once Upon A Time' is an excellent example. The eponymous title track 'Once Upon A Time (In Jamaica)' is simply put a killer tune! In one song, over a superb riddim (that horn section!), Earl Sixteen succeeds in summarizing just about the entire evolution of Jamaican music. Influenced by their recent experiences as deejays in the English club circuit, the sound of Dreadzone has clearly evolved. The ambient flavor and movie samples from the first albums are only to be found in the instrumentals 'Ska Con Queso' and 'First Steps'. The somewhat rougher sound fits well with the vocal work of South London rudeboy Mc Spee, but it's once more the tracks where Earl Sixteen's velvet reggae voice takes the lead, which strike the imagination. Another Dreadzone album that should be in every reggae lover's collection.