Apart from 2012's 'Shalom', 'Wisdom' is only the second long player in Dub Division's twenty-five year history. Calling this band from Hamburg multicultural might be an understatement: vocalist Karl-Emmanuel Musoke originally hails from Uganda, drummer Admiral Ali has Tunisian roots, guitarist Micky Dread has an Indonesian background and finally there's bassist Dennis Dubwise, the only trueborn German of the band. Please don't take the band's name too literally, as on 'Wisdom' you'll find more than dub alone. The album is conceived as a classic showcase album, featuring 9 vocal tracks (including a new version of 'Shalom', the title track from the band's debut album) and 5 dub versions. In essence, Dub Division is a German reggae band, but there's no denying Karl-Emmanuel Musoke's vocals give the songs on 'Wisdom' a bit of an afro-reggae vibe. Apart from the fact we didn't always understood Musoke's patois, we're completely fine with that. Top tracks: opener 'Wise Up' and title track 'Wisdom'.