With 'So What' Dub Inc reacts to the series of tragic events that have been hitting France for quite a while now. 'Triste Epoque' and title track 'So What' focus on those dark days, but in songs like 'Exil' and 'No Matter Where You Come From' the Saint-Etienne based band prove they haven't abandoned all hope yet. Even after all these years, vocalists Komlan and Bouchkour still can't hide their French accent when singing in English, but their combined flow is so contagious that we gladly look past that. We still have a preference for the songs in which Bouchkour sings in Kabyle, and on 'So What' that's the rather intimate sounding 'Mâché Bécif '. For two tracks on 'So What' Dub Inc called on some brothers in arms: in 'Don't Be A Victim' Naâman makes an appearance, and elsewhere the twin brothers of Mellow Mood help out ('Justice'). Excellent supplement in the catalog of this French band!