Dubkasm - Digistep and DJ Stryda - has been a fixture in the UK dub scene for years now. In 2003 they started spreading their music on their own Sufferah's Choice label (also the name of DJ Stryda's weekly Monday evening show on Passion Radio Bristol), but from the previous period a number of rarer recordings, only available as exclusive dubplates in the sound system circuit, were also out there. Thanks to Bristol Archive Records those tracks are now also finally available to the general public. The tracks on 'Brixton Rec' were all mixed by dub guru Abashanti-I and the title of the album is a tribute to the dub master who often played these songs during his sets at the meanwhile legendary dub nights at Brixton Rec (the University of Dub nights at the Brixton Recreation Centre). The dub heads among you know what to do!