Dubkasm's Stryda and Digistep worked on 'Rastrumentals' for no less than seven years, with recordings alternating between Bristol, Brixton and São Paulo. The inspiration for this project was the record collection of Digistep's father Charles, who, in the nineteen seventies, still in his late teens traveled to Bristol from Rio de Janeiro with no more than a guitar and some records as his possessions. The duo subtly mixed influences from the samba they heard on the LPs of Dilermando Reis, Paulinho de Viola and Milton Nascimento (instruments like the cuíca or the apito flute, the titles of songs like 'Cachoeira Da Fumaça' or 'Monte de Sião') they found, with reggae and nyahbinghi percussion. The title of the album doesn't entirely cover its content, however, as in a number of tracks the parlando of nyahbinghi elder Ras Bandele (also one of the board members of Fairfield House, the former residence of Haile Selassie in Bath) can be heard. For 'Rastrumentals' Dubkasm joined forces with no less than nineteen musicians including Blood Shanti and Dub Judah, but a special mention should certainly go to flutist Charlotte Meas ('Cachoeira Da Fumaça') and cellist Jo Silverston ('Missao', 'Lei Aurea'), both adding color to a number of songs in the track list. Uma pérola de álbum (loosely translated: "True gem of an album!")!