Ease Up Ltd. may be a band from the German city of Darmstadt, Goethe's language you won't hear on their long player debut 'Long Way', as the nine-piece band rather alternates between English and French. That language choice probably has something to do with lead vocalist Baptiste Languille, who is of French descent. We were duly impressed with this album and that's not in the least the merit of the band's excellent horn section. Opener 'Naturel' immediately reminded yours truly of the work of Pierpoljak, both content-wise and musically. The use of a handful of well-known riddims makes that some of the songs on 'Long Way' already somewhat familiar: for 'Standing Firm' Ease Up Ltd. dusted off the Baltimore riddim, 'Where I Belong' is a version over the Ghetto Blues riddim we still remembered from Chuck Fenda & Cherine Anderson's 'Coming Over' and Fantan Mojah's 'World Peace', and in 'Better Must Come' the brass theme of the Twelve Tribes anthem 'Picture On The Wall' (Natural Ites) was used. Ease Up Ltd. has gained a fan in yours truly!