The success of 'Love And Death', the delicious afrobeat album Ebo Taylor recorded with Berlin's Afrobeat Academy, inspired the Strut label to compile 'Life Stories', a double compilation album of the Ghanaian grandmaster's old successes. This type of compilation true amateurs of African music can but laud: Ebo Taylor's old releases are not only hard to find, his career also spans just about the entire history of modern Ghanaian music. Finger licking good!

Together with his hand-picked Bonze Konkoma band the Ghanaian guitar grandmaster explores very different horizons. Taylor hails from Saltpond, a small town in the far south of Ghana and the region of the Fante Akan culture. With Bonze Konkoma Taylor explores the rich Asafo (war-songs of the so-called "warrior societies") and Adzewa (vocal chants performed mainly by women) music traditions and of course the so-called Konkoma highlife in which, above all, the use of the square Konkoma drums stands out. 'Abenkwan Puchaa' is a Ghanaian production on the Essiebons label and as yet only available at Ebo Taylor's concerts.