Both the title and the cover photo of this second long player by El Juntacadaveres already tell us something about this band and its oeuvre: 'Twists And Turns' of course refers to the typical dance moves that are part of the tango and the graffiti work on the cover is a nod to hip-hop culture, also a key ingredient of the sound of El Juntacadaveres. Even though hip-hop, tango and milonga clearly remain the Foundation for El Juntacadaveres, on 'Twists And Turns' the band doesn't shy away from experimenting with genres like cumbia ('Infierno Azul') or reggae ('Mi Pasado' feat. Marcela Caldas Dahas). The fact it needn't always be Argentinian tango is proven by 'Gönlüm Sensiz Olmaz', a cover of an old tango/foxtrot from the Turkey of the nineteen thirties, for which El Juntacadaveres the invited German-Turkish singer Sema Moritz. In our review of 'De Platino' we wrote El Juntacadaveres ready to outgrow the Belgian borders at any time, but that doesn't mean they're not proud of proud their partly Antwerp roots as illustrated by 'Infierno Azul' in which Kris 'Scale' Strybos raps away in Antwerp dialect. El Juntacadaveres continues to impress.