This 'Who's Gonna Stop Us' EP is the first part of what should eventually become a trilogy set in 1974 (the birth year of El Juntacadaveres front man Enrique Noviello) and each time focusing on a city that played an important role in Kike's musical evolution (this time New York and on the next volumes Buenos Aires and Antwerp). The vinyl editions of the different EP's (also available in cassette format) will each time be given a different color, together forming the Belgian flag. For El Juntacadaveres Enrique combines influences from tango and hip-hop, and it's especially that last genre that this EP focusses on. The cover of 'Who's Gonna Stop Us' is reminiscent of a forgotten disco album from the nineteen seventies, and it's exactly that vibe that's also prevalent in the eponymous title track (also popping up in the track list a second time in a remix by Buscemi). With 'La Vuida', for which Scale used dialogue fragments from an obscure film noir, El Juntacadaveres provided a sequel to 'Julia Y Yo' from the band's previous album. Both songs revolve around Julia, one of the main characters from Juan Carlos Onetti's 'El Juntacadaveres', who end up taking her own life by hanging herself. Finally, for closing track 'Tormenta', El Juntacadeveres also throws some rock in the mix. We are already looking forward to part two and three in this trilogy!