Eléonor is the alter ego of Antwerp based vocalist Elly Aerden who bases the majority of the lyrics of her songs on ancient Roman poems. Most of the tracks on 'Vive' ("live!") are therefore sung in Latin, but the track list also contains a song in Spanish (the Arabo-Andalusian 'Ay Carmela') and one in Portuguese ('Minha Aldeia'). That last track is a musical adaptation of a poem by Fernando Pessoa, for which Eléonor joined forces with Portuguese fado singer Helder Moutinho. With this album Elly wanted to highlight life in all its facets: 'Cras' is a 1st century poem about someone who postpones things over and over again, thus "forgetting" to live his life, title track 'Vive' (with an intro on diatonic accordion by Anne Niepold that could easily serve as a soundtrack for a television series) could be summarized as "carpe diem" or "seize the day", and 'De Vere' is about spring and the cycle of life. Fado, jazz, oriental influences ('Dulcissime') and classical music ('Cras') with a centuries-old lyrical foundation.