About a decade ago we still put forward Elijah Prophet's 'King Of Kings' album as a serious contender for "new roots album of the year!", but after the release of the PowPow production things around the singer from Westmoreland quieted down again. Until now it seems… For this aptly titled 'New Chapter Of My Life', Prophet joined forces with Arise, a sound system and brand new label from the Spanish city of Girona. The collaboration resulted in 9 new songs, supplemented in the track list with 3 dub versions. Fortunately Elijah's voice doesn't seem to have lost much of its strength in recent years. 'New Chapter Of My Life' opens with 'Rivers Of Babylon', a song with a UK stepper vibe, but with 'Lift It Up Selecta', an ode to conscious music and life (containing a phrase yours truly found to be highly recognizable: "Music to make dem dem brain think copaset, we used to listen music from the days of cassette!"), Elijah switched to the new roots that we came to know him for. The only other exception in the track list is 'Musical Healing', an up-tempo ska tune in which Prophet festively lauds the healing influence music can have. The two tracks on 'New Chapter Of My Life' which we were most taken with were 'Rejoice' a lament in honor of the Most High, and the excellent ganja tune 'Ganja Plantation'. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish Elijah Prophet all the best with this new chapter in his life!