Even though we've seen the man perform at least half a dozen times at one festival or the other, we haven't really kept up with the discography of French-Serbian director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica and his No Smoking Orchestra. On the cover of 'Corps Diplomatique', the band's first release since 2007s 'Time Of The Gypsies', all band members are dressed in Mexican mariachi costumes. Don't expect any mariachi music though, as Kusturica serves another dose of his usual cross-border anarcho-Balkan sound his live sets are famous for as well. The intro of opener 'Scared Of Dental Drills' features the sound of a mouth harp and whistling can be heard, and could have been borrowed from one of Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western soundtracks. For the aptly titled 'Tarantella', Emir Kusturica And The No Smoking Orchestra a present a Balkan interpretation of an Italian tarantella ('From Chicago To Milano' is of the same order). Kusturica switches to Serbian for the delicious Balkan jazz of 'Mila Gora', and again to Spanish for 'Cerveza', an ode to the amber brew, and in 'Hamburger Versa Kebab', Kusturica expresses his preference for the kebab over the hamburger. In the festive 'Fuck You MTV', a raised middle finger to American music channel MTV, we heard excerpts of Maurice Ravel's 'Bolero', but also some solid metal. Emir Kusturica And The No Smoking Orchestra conclude with their interpretation of 'Maria Cervantes', a song by mambo king Tito Puente.