For Ennanga Vision London producer Jesse Hackett (Owiny Sigoma Band, Gorillaz) travelled to Uganda, where he joined forces with singer and multi-instrumentalist Albert Ssempeke and a number of other local artists (Otim Alpha, a musical legend from the northern Ugandan Acholi culture - vocals/adongo, Twongweno, the king of the Acholi wedding music circuit and a Ugandan pioneer of electronic music). For this self-titled debut Hackett blended traditional Ugandan music played on local instruments like the amadinda, a huge mega-xylophone played by several musicians at the same time, the ngindidi, a one-stringed fiddle (opener 'New Sunshine'), the endongo the harp, and of course the enanga from the band's name, a Ugandan zither, with Western electronics. Experimental plunge into the musical past of the Kingdom of Buganda.