In terms of originality, band name ERROR 404 Band Not Found definitely stands out. The ten-piece Swiss brass band from Basel of course refers to the famous ERROR 404 you get when entering an invalid URL. On 'Fish Dich', the debut of the band that was founded in 2012 by sousaphone player Victor Hege, you could already find a number of songs in which Dominican rapper Jennifer Perez aka La Nefera ("nefer" is an ancient Egyptian word that means "inner and outer beauty", and was often used in names for women. The name "Nefera" is probably a reference to Nefertiti, the most famous Egyptian queen after Cleopatra.) could be heard, and the band continues in the same vein on successor 'Schmetterling', German for "butterfly" and a reference to the metamorphosis ERROR 404 Band Not Found underwent in recent years. On 'Schmetterling' an infectious mix of American brass band music, Balkan fanfare ('Tennis Contest'), hip-hop ('ADHS', the German abbreviation for ADHD, in which sousaphone player Victor Hege can briefly be heard rapping in French) and funk ('No Parara'), reminding us one moment of American band Hypnotic Brass Ensemble ('Tennis Contest', somewhere halfway merging with Balkan brass, 'Popstar' and especially 'Aaah') and the next of Colombian hip-hop crew Choq Quib Town ('Gualalepo', 'Alerta' and title track 'Schmetterling'). Very catchy Swiss brass band with an exotic Latin side!