From all non-Western genres Ethio-jazz is perhaps most experimented with, and 'Yene Alem' ("my world") by Etenesh Wassie (vocals) and Mathieu Sourisseau (acoustic bass guitar) is certainly no exception. The duo combines Etenesh's traditional Azmari vocals with Mathieu's bass sounds. The latter is a French musician with a musical background in free jazz and alternative rock (among other things as a member of jazz fusion band Le Tigre des Platanes). For 'Yene Alem' the duo also invited cellist Julie Lädebach, resulting in a modernist album where Wassie's traditional approach collides with Sourisseau's noise-influenced sounds and the contemporary classical vibes of Lädebach. Original album that will undoubtedly not be to everyone's taste. One for the more experimental minded and connoisseurs.