With 'Os Catedráticos 73', Far Out Recordings continues along the path they'd already taken with the reissue of 'Ataque', continuing to focus on the work of Os Catedráticos, Brazilian composer, arranger, producer and keyboard player Eumir Deodato's side project. As the title suggests, 'Os Catedráticos 73' was recorded between Rio de Janeiro and New York in 1973. In Rio, Deodato collaborated with a Brazilian rhythm section consisting of Azymuth drummer Ivan 'Mamão' Conti, percussionist Orlandivo and bassist Sergio Barroso, while in New York wind instruments were added. The result is a gem of an album in which Brazilian post-bossa nova jazz is fused with influences from American soul and funk. The one time that sounds like a Hollywood soundtrack from the same period (opener 'Arranha Ceu/Skyscrapers' would have fitted in with a chase scene), and elsewhere more like an indolent Brazilian bossa nova (the playful 'O Jogo/Soccer Game', the dreamy 'Puma Branco/White Puma'), always starring Deodato's brilliant keyboard work. Excellently preserved time document to continue to enjoy!