'Las Palé' is the first international and fully remastered reissue of the debut album of Feeling Kréyol, a Guadeloupian girl group from the nineteen eighties. Producer Darius Denon, known from his own zouk-hit 'Je t'emmène', explains: "This was 1988 and bands like Zouk Machine and Kassav' were huge. I had with producer Frankie Brumier when I was performing at festivals and parties and he wanted to record a girl group so we began scouting venues, mainly around the Grande-Terre district in the island's capital, Pointe-à-Pitre. I ran auditions and picked out the best three voices: Fabienne, Leïla and Yolande. One was singing in a choir and none of them had with each other previously.". 'Las Palé' contains mostly easily digestible zouk with a disco vibe, immediately evoking memories of the aforementioned Zouk Machine, a similar girl group around Joëlle Ursull who scored a huge number one hit with 'Maldòn', a song that was also picked up in the rest of Europe. For Feeling Kréyol things didn't take off like that... Title track and first single 'Las Palé' became a local success in the French Antilles, but the album flopped. Now, many years later, it has become a popular collector's item and a solid reissue was called for. Rediscovered zouk-gem that didn't get the attention it deserved at the time of its release!