Also in need of a dash of sunshine in these harsh winter months? Then be sure to check out 'DNA', the new long-player by Flavia Coelho, the Parisian with Brazilian roots. In the press release of this album, the singer claims never to have felt better about herself and that just radiates from the songs on 'DNA'. Coelho once again serves up her signature catchy mix of reggae, samba, bossa nova, baile funk and trap, infused with an easily digestible pop dressing, because: "Popular music is the people, and I am a woman of the people!". That doesn't mean Flavia shies away from heavier subjects on 'DNA' though, as apart from personal tracks like opener 'De Novo De Novo', in which she talks about learning from your mistakes even if you first have to repeat them a few times, or 'Pagina', about dealing with the betrayal of a "good" friend, and 'Nosso Amor', a straightforward love tune, Coelho criticizes the corruption and violence rampant in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro in 'Cidade Perdida', she gives the big money, the 1% super rich, a good dressing-down in 'Libera', and in title track 'DNA', Coelho finally states that what makes us unique is our greatest strength. Brazilian ray of sunshine with an edge!