Where Benin is concerned the musical knowledge of yours truly limited itself to the work of Angelique Kidjo, until now that is, as we just discovered Gangbe Brass Band. 'Assiko' is already the third album Gangbe Brass Band recorded for Contre Jour, and the fact they've built a good relationship with this Belgian label is illustrated by 'Un Été À Vodelée', a song that holds the location of the seat of Contre Jour in its title. Gangbe Brass Band is just about the African equivalent of Gypsy brass bands like Fanfare Ciocarlia or Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar; musically speaking their sound holds the middle between afrobeat, New Orleans dixieland and the sound of marching bands like the ones playing at American football games. Live this sounds very catchy but 'Assiko' is proof that it's difficult to capture that vibe in studio conditions.