Where else but at the Summerjam festival could Gentleman record his new live album? His home game in Cologne does what it's supposed to: 40 songs spread over two discs with guest contributions by Soldiers Of Jah Army, Christopher Martin and, of course, the two background angels Tamika and Mamadee. Those who were present at one of Gentleman's Diversity tour know what this album sounds like: a mix of genres, at times bombastic (the metal-intro by backing band The Evolution, the nod to The Prodigy during 'Hold On Strong' or the grunge guitars on 'Leave Us Alone'), but at no time boring or bad. On the contrary 'Diversity Live' might fit in with the best live albums in reggae. The only negative thing we can remark about this live album is indicated by the 40 songs counting track list: now and again things seem to have to go a bit too fast, but that's probably a sign of the times. We couldn't get our hands on the DVD yet, but you could ask someone who was present on the island in the Fühlinger See for more details. We have no doubt it was a blast!