With 2015's 'The Big Smoke', Gentleman's Dub Club paid tribute to the English capital, but for the aptly titled 'Dubtopia', the nine-piece band from Leeds created a made-up paradise of their own. Or as they describe it themselves: "...a cathartic release from a world shrouded in injustice and hypocrisy, providing a musical paradise set apart from everyday life (and) intended for pure celebration.". Were also invited to come and visit Gentleman's Dub Club's 'Dubtopia': Parly B and Eve Lazarus, Taiwan MC and Lady Chann, with, 'Take Control' and even more 'Fire In The Hole', the combinations with the latter two, undoubtedly among the best this album has to offer. Other recommendations from the track list are the dubby instrumental 'Gridlock' (got to love those horns!), the slow-paced 'Higher Ground' and 'In Your Heart', floating along over the bass line of the Hard Times riddim. The first disappointing Gentlemen's Club Dub album still has to be released!