No idea if the members of Gentleman's Dub Club were influenced by the new Netflix-reboot of the classic sci-fi television series 'Lost In Space', but looking at the cover design of the album, that might well have been the case. 'Lost In Space' opens with an intro full of ambient sounds and then suddenly bursts into the UK steppers tune 'Light The Fuse', a song full of pumping basses and horns, in light of the current Brexit crisis suddenly sounding somewhat revolutionary: "Light the fuse, now we've got nothing to lose...". Of the same order are 'Eye On The Storm', 'Intergalactic', and the instrumental 'God Of War', an ode to Mars. But Gentleman's Dub Club proves it can also take things down a notch or two with wonderfully meditative songs like 'Ground Shakin' or the one drop of 'Stardust'. The lyrics of 'Out Of This World' seem to summarize the album: "Let's get out of this world, into the night where there is black, there is gold...". This album features fewer vocal guests than predecessor 'Dubtopia', but still 'Turning Back' and 'Walking Away', combinations with Million Stylez and Studio One veteran Winston Francis, definitely stand out from the rest of the songs in the track list. 'Walking Away', the combination with Francis, doesn't really seem to belong on the album, but this is a delicious old school love tune none the less. Whenever we think Gentleman's Dub Club might not be able to surpass themselves anymore, the lads come up with a yet another stunner of an album. Our first absolute reggae highlight for 2019!