At just under 40 minutes, 'Seekers And Finders' may be the first Gogol Bordello album in about four years, it's also the eleventh album by the gypsy punk band around charismatic front man Eugene Hütz. However Gogol Bordello's sound has barely evolved over the years and where during their energetic live shows that's not really an issue, on an album it threatens to become somewhat tedious and repetitive. Which is not to say that 'Seekers And Finders' doesn't contain any highlights: 'Familia Bonfireball' has a slight Tex-Mex frontera vibe, if you're a fan of Gogol Bordello's more solid work there's the excellent 'Saboteur Blues', and title song 'Seekers And Finders', for which the band invited Regina Spektor, could also convince.