For 'Curricular Style' Gonzo and Inna Vision joined forces, but that collaboration didn't result in an entirely new album, as with 'Bad Girl' and 'Show You Love' the track list also includes two tracks from Gonzo's 2017 'Round The Clock' EP, 'So High' already featured on Inna Vision's recent 'Link Up' album, 'Roots It Up' is a song from 'Red', Gonzo's solo 2014 solo debut, and 'Change The World' is a cover of the eponymous 1996 song by Eric Clapton. So you'll understand we focused our attention on the seven remaining new tracks. The album opens with the acoustic hip-hop-flavored 'Sticky Situation', but we were more taken with the dubby 'Cool Down', love tune 'Phone Call' and poppy closing track 'Live Love'. However, the absolute killer on 'Curricular Style' is the 12 inch mix of 'Why Do You Care'. The Golden State and the Aloha State inna combination style!