Greg Roy is a Jamaican artist, originally from Montego Bay, who moved to Boston in the United States. Before focusing on a solo career, for a while Greg fronted Duppy Conquerors, an American Bob Marley tribute band. Meanwhile, two previous solo albums (2015's 'Moving On' and last year's 'Ooh La La') have been released and now there's 'Tomorrow', a long-player we would describe as a straightforward new roots album. In opener 'Two Kids', Roy immediately shows himself to be an excellent lovers rock balladeer, but in the other songs on 'Tomorrow' he rather opts for conscious subjects like hard life in the ghetto ('The Ghetto'), the importance of finding the right ecological balance with the whole climate crisis breathing down our necks ('Mother Nature'), our often exaggerated obsession with gathering material and financial wealth ('Money Loving') and self-knowledge as the beginning of wisdom ('Self Inside'). And that every reggae album shouldn't necessarily contain a mama tune, Greg proves with 'Saved Us', remembering the fall of 1988, when hurricane Gilbert caused a lot of damage in Jamaica, and thanking his father for the (heroic) courage he showed at that time managing to keep his family safe. For the ska-rhythm of closing and title track 'Tomorrow', one of our favorites from the track list, Greg shifts up a gear. Only the light-footed 'Dancing' wasn't really to our taste, but we're happy to forgive Greg Roy for that minor flaw. A very pleasant introduction to a talented artist who might need a little more exposure!