For the successor to 'Ballébé: Calling All Africans', his 2018 debut album for Clermont Music, Malian vocalist and gourd percussionist Hama Sankare chose to pay tribute to his native village of Niafunke, where colleagues Yoro Cisse (djurkel) and Afel Bocoum (vocals) also have their roots, and which was really put on the map by Malinese music legend Ali Farka Touré. Also featured on 'Niafunke' are guitarist/vocalist Oumar Konate (whose own new solo album we will soon present on these pages), Dramana Toure (bass), Makan Camara (drums and percussion) and Sekou Toure (vocals). Funky opener 'Dewel Wegé', in which Hama calls for dignity and self-respect, 'Remobe', an ode to the importance of agriculture in which Oumar Konate's guitar resounds deliciously, and 'Solane', a call for more tolerance in the world leaning towards Tuareg-blues, appealed to us most. Excellent Malian production!