Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger Hermeto Pascoal was once described by Miles Davis as: "... the most impressive musician in the world ...", and the fact he's also known as O Bruxo ("the wizard"), certainly isn't just because of his Gandalf-like appearance. 'Viajando Como Som', which also marks the 200th Far Out Recordings release, was recorded in 1976 at Rogerio Duprat's Vice-Versa studio in São Paulo. The whole all was finished in a mere two days, with a large emphasis on improvisation. Subtitle 'The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session' already reveals what happened next; ' Viajando Como Som' would never see the light of day and gathered dust in the archives of the studio for the next four decades. For this release the original tape was restored, and now we finally get to hear four songs from what can be described as Hermeto's most experimental period (closing track 'Casinha Pequina' lasts an epic 26 minutes!). Mesmerizing tropical jazz!