With this 'Pursuit Of Balance' EP, Hermit Dubz, operating from his Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, serves us four new instrumentals and as many solid dub-versions. Ambient dub that Dub-O-Phonic boss Savvas Thomas describes as: "Psydub infused with a spiritual vibe and oriental sounds, alongside rootical stylings. Steppas meets orient and bass chases every vampire away!". For the tracks on 'Pursuit Of Balance', Hermit Dubz drew inspiration from spirituality ('Mushin' is a mental state that can be achieved through Zen and Tao meditation, but also by artists and trained martial arts practitioners, when they free their minds of thoughts of anger, fear or ego during a fight or daily life, and 'Valhalla' of course refers to the special heaven in Nordic mythology, reserved for those fallen in battle) and his own predilection for science fiction (in opener 'Truly Dread' you can hear soundbites from 'Predator 2', and 'Arrakeen' is also the name of the capital of the fictitious desert planet Arrakis in Frank Herbert's 'Dune' saga). So dub it with Hermit Dubz 'In Pursuit Of Balance'!