Highly French Dub is a young four piece band from the French capital. David, Louis and Maxime have known each other since their school days and always shared a passion for dub. Shining example for the band is High Tone from Lyon. During their live shows, when Louis' guitar and Nico's drums are supplemented with samples, effects, delays and sirens, they never play a song the same way twice. Because you also need something for the eye, the four band members always perform in blue outfits, hiding their faces behind Mexican skull masks. With 'Feed The Feedback' the foursome is now presenting its studio debut. The EP counts 6 tracks, recorded in a similar way as their live performances. Most striking number there may be 'Block It', for which the French dusted off Jules Winnfield's (aka Samuel L. Jackson) Ezekiel 25:17 rant from 'Pulp Fiction'. Highly French Dub indeed!