Hollie Cook is the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. If you know that Pistols front man Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) travelled to Jamaica for Richard Branson's Virgin label in the 1970s to sign some of the best reggae acts at the time, Holly Cook comes full circle with this self-titled debut album. Cook dedicated this album to Ari Up, the front woman of female punk reggae trio The Slits and Johnny Rotten's stepdaughter. Don't expect punk however, as 'Hollie Cook' is a reggae album in the strictest sense of the word. With the help of a few living legends (Dennis Bovell, Style Scott) this project could hardly go wrong, but the problem is that in recent years several of these types of albums (genre frail female voice over a nice reggae beat, also see: Roots Circus, Zoë, Jaqee, Tamika & Mamadee...) were released, leaving yours truly wondering about the added value of this record. Pleasant listening experience nonetheless.