I Trinity I is, you guessed it, a trio, composed of Just One Fya and Kulcha I (together already active with K2R Riddim) and ManCris. The threesome has already been working together since 2005 with a first maxi appearing as early as 2006. With 'Reggaeality' there's now finally a full-fledged album containing mostly ska and roots tunes with a slight African touch ('Yebisa Ngai', 'Mama Africa Is Calling'). Vocally the three gentlemen effortlessly hop back and forth between French, English, Lingala and Fon and for the instrumental part of the album they joined forces with the I People Band and Eric 'Rico' Gaultier's Faya Horns (already known to us from 'Faya Horns meet Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa', an album released on the Makasound label, and Eric's cooperation with Manjul).