For their third long player the Berliners of iLLBiLLY HiTEC joined forces with Canadian dub master Jesse 'Dubmatix' King. The majority of the vocals on 'One Thing Leads To Another' are the work of Austrian MC Kinetical, but in addition guests like Promoe, Horseman, Lengualerta or EmWan also make an appearance. The result is an album that stylistically we would describe as bass music: the once dubby ('No Borders' feat. Promoe, Kinetical & EmWan), then with more of a trip-hop vibe (closing track 'Better Recognize' feat. Daphne Bluebird), solid new roots (opener 'Rude Boy Talk' feat. Kinetical, 'Happy' feat. Horseman & Kinetical) or hip-hop ('Seven Seas' feat. Kinetical, 'We Are All Poor' feat. Kinetical & Fli Supertramp), and the infectious 'Real' featuring Gardna and, once again, Kinetical, has that typical vibe of recent releases by the new generation of reggae artists - The Skints, Shanty - from the UK. Deutsche Gründlichkeit with a solid bass!