Just a year after the release of their acclaimed 'Lifted' album, Hawaiian reggae pride Inna Vision returns with this 'Highest Grade' EP. The cover and title promise an EP full of ganja tunes, but nothing could be further from the truth, as apart from the excellent title track (featuring excerpts from interviews with Bob Marley) in the other songs Inna Vision focusses on entirely different things: 'Real Type Of Cop' is an indictment of the continuing police violence in the US and ends with some quotes from members of the protest movement against the North Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Indian reservation, 'Maadness' is about finding spiritual balance in a society you're forced to question everything, and 'Back Trax', featuring a sample of Yellowman's 'Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt', is about living the life of a musician in times of financial uncertainty. Five tracks of 'Highest Grade' Hawaiian reggae!