Spanish duo Iseo & Dodosound (in true life Madrid based Pamploneans Leire Villanueva and Alberto Iriarte) joined forces in 2014, when the former soul singer got mesmerized by Dodosound's digital reggae-riddims. In 2015 they released their debut effort 'Cat Platoon', now followed by 'Roots In The Air'. At times the sound of Iseo & Dodosound reminded us somewhat of that of LMK and Soom T ('Digital Shoots'), but with their songs Iseo & Dodosound really want to take their listeners to imaginary landscapes, as also illustrated by the sleeve design for 'Roots In The Air' by Burgos based graphic designer Ribo. 'Roots In The Air' contains 8 songs, with the combination of Iseo's somewhat dreamy voice with Dodosound's digital riddims giving the album a minimalist vibe. Discovery!