With this 6 track 'Unforgettable' EP, Krist Kemist of British label Reality Shock Records provides up-and-coming Jamaican talent Damon Palmer aka Iyashine with a first calling card. The singer from Kingston had none other than reggae veteran Fred Locks as his mentor and the fact for opener 'Be Good' Kris Kemist decided to use the same riddim as for Fred Locks' 2017 single 'Jah Is Wonderful' is probably no coincidence. For 'Flourish' Kemist recycled the riddim of the Junior Byles classic 'Chant Down Babylon' and 'Society' is also an excellent new roots track. 'Unforgettable' has also turned into a real international production, as next to Iyahshine, who voiced his vocals at the Caveman Studio in Jamaica, for the backing vocals Kemist worked with Bahamas-based Indra, and for the horns called on the talent of Tribuman from France. Kemist concludes with three excellent dubs. Recommended listening and a new Jamaican talent to keep an eye on!