Jah Meek anyone? No? Let's consult his bio then: "Jah Meek was born and grew up in Robin's Bay on Jamaica's northeast coast in 1971. He has been recording and performing in Germany now for some years." And now there's 'Touched By An Angel', Meek's debut album. No rehashed or well-known riddims here, but original tightly played melody lines. Respect to the noble group of unknown German musicians (Chris Scheidl, Joseph Grasl, Johannes Maria Knoll and Sam Gilly) who were responsible for the music on 'Touched By An Angel'. Jahmali and Luciano were certainly not chosen at random to provide guest vocals. Vocally Mali and Meek are brothers and musically Meek's songs (a mix of acoustic reggae ballads and powerful roots songs) resemble the work of Messenger Luciano. Jah Meek's debut effort passes with flying colors!