To get straight to the point, we weren't exactly blown away by 'Between The Lines', the fifth album by Humboldt, California-born Jah Sun. Asked about the album Jah Sun commented: "I've always felt itself says Jah Sun my music channels what is happening around me. The political and social landscapes often inform the songs I write, but for this release, in particular, I needed to create an honest album and speak from my heart.", and among other things he drew inspiration from Paul Simon's 'Graceland' ('Only Human', 'Tables Turn') - even though we would also like to make the comparison with Ziggy Marley (opener 'Love Currency', 'Fools Gold', 'New Hope'... meaning that Grammy nomination should be within reach) - but it all remains quite run-of-the-mill and few songs in the track list really struck a chord (exceptions are the aforementioned 'Only Human', the excellent in memoriam 'A Day After I'm Gone' and the rasta-anthem 'Guess Who').