Our last album review for this year is for 'Jahbar I Dehya', the long-playing debut of Jahbar I. Jahbar I (real name Jabari Miller) is the son of Firehouse Crew drummer George 'Dusty' Miller, and got spoon-fed music from when he was still a toddler. Jahbar I first followed in his father's footsteps as a drummer and at the age of ten was already backing renowned artists like Gentleman and Sizzla. In high school Jabari was a member of the Knock Out Crew for a while, but from 2012 onwards started releasing his first solo songs like 'I Just Be Me' and 'The Chant (I Fawud)'. For his debut album 'Jahbar I Dhya', Jahbar I could of course count on the support of father Dusty, but in addition the names of, among others, guitarist Winston 'Bopee' Bowen, saxophonist Dean Fraser, keyboardist/producer Laurent 'Tippy I' Alfred, producer Russ Disciple, percussionist Bongo Herman, and producer and multi-instrumentalist Asher-E also pop up in the credits. The Chronixx-like opener 'Blessings Flow (Conquer All)' immediately sets the tone, and the rest of the track list also manages to convince. In the track list treats for both fans of vintage riddims (love tune 'It's The Feeling' over a revamp of the Let Him Try riddim, 'Love A Flow' over the riddim of Burning Spear's 'Old Marcus Garvey', and 'My Spliff', in which echoes of the Full Up riddim can be heard) and new productions ('Powaz Of Luv' over the H.I.M. Teachings riddim by Zion I Kings, 'Upendo' over Black Star Foundation's World Of Righteousness riddim, 'Friendly Foes' over the Pon Di Grind riddim by Chuch-Gut Entertainment). Other highlights include ganja tune 'Steaming From Mawning', 'Many Talking', in which Jahbar I defends himself against those who question his Rasta convictions, and 'Nuh Paper Soulja'. The only tune on 'Jahbar I Dehya' that wasn't quite our cup of tea was closing dance hall track 'High Tonic', but that really couldn't spoil the fun. Asked about his musical influences, Jahbar I replied: "I am a fan of many artists, calling a name would be an endless list. Musically, I just want to be the best of me!". Impressive debut by this young veteran and our Jamaican revelation for 2018!