JahRiffe is the musical alter ego of Barriffe MacKenzie, a Jamaican-American singer-songwriter, reiki instructor and lecturer from Boston. After 2005's 'Rastafari Love' and 2013's 'Check Your Timing', 'Reflection' is already JahRiffe's third album and turns out to be a real treat for the ears. JahRiffe mixes classic roots with influences from r&b and soul ('High & Favored', 'Keep Your Joy') and for this album joined forces with Jah David, bass player in Jah9's Dub Treatment Band and producer for Zion High Productions. JahRiffe: "This album is very special to me, as it reflects a journey faced with many life challenges that have led to victory. This album is livicated to all those that may face mental illness, growing pains and lessons of change. I know that it is not always easy for one to keep balance in daily life.". Whatever the case, JahRiffe's soulful voice captured our attention from the very first notes of the Third World-like opener 'Zeal Of A Newborn Child', our favorite from the track list. And in the rest of the songs from the track list JahRiffe manages to maintain that same level. Three of the seven tracks on 'Reflection' ('Traditional', 'Conquer The Lion' and title and closing track 'Reflection') are accompanied by an excellent dub version, doubling your listening enjoyment. Absolute top release by a talented artist we'll certainly be keeping an eye on. We can already guarantee 'Reflection' a high ranking in our best albums chart for 2019. Highly recommended listening!