German band Jamaram already opted to put an animal on the cover of their albums on various occasions in the past: for 2010's 'Jameleon' a chameleon, for 2015's 'Heavy Heavy', the collaborative project with Acoustic Night Allstars, an elephant, and for 'Freedom Of Screech', this time they went with a colorful parrot. The album title is a call to open-mindedness and respect, and is primarily intended as a statement against the advancement of isolationist thinking in western society. That mindset is also reflected in the songs on the album, a true kaleidoscope of genres ranging from reggae ('Like A Rock', 'Never Ever', 'Cross The Line') and ska (opener 'Back In The Day ', ' Girlfriend ') about hip-hop (' Off My Lawn ") and funk rock (' Worlds Apart ') to even what salsa (' Pa Mi Gente '), dancehall with Indian percussion (' We Got The Groove") and singer-songwriter pop (' Honey Bee '). Release as multicolored as the feathers of the parrot on the cover!