On last year's 'Best Of' compilation 'Almost Hits', Jamaram already presented a documentary featuring Acoustic Night Allstars and for 'Heavy Heavy' they once again collaborated with the Zimbabwean band (both bands crossed paths for the first time at the Harare HIFA Festival in 2012). That results in a fairly East African sounding album and little to no trace is left of the reggae-influences from the band's early days. Songs like the funky 'Why', the dixieland of 'Zoo', the soulful 'Missing Is You' or pop ballad 'Miles Away' we could have done without; not that there is something wrong with these tracks, on the contrary, but stylistically they seem a bit out of place compared to the rest of the track list. The most infectious track on 'Heavy Heavy' is without any doubt 'Go Away', a mestizo-song that will get the public of an average world music festival dancing in no time. Successful Euro-African hybrid, clearly meant to introduce Acoustic Night Allstars to a European audience.