Yours truly was looking forward to this debut of promising Trinidadian (native of Trinidad & Tobago) artist Michael Williams aka Jamelody and it has to be said, 'Be Prepared' is far from a bad album. Reggae purists should be warned though: don't expect this to be a straightforward reggae album! Michael grew up in Trinidad, the epicenter of soca and calypso, where he took his first steps in the music business as a member of Brothers With Voices, an a cappella band performing mainly r&b covers (the Boys II Man-cover 'It's So Hard To Say Goodbye' on this album is a nod to that period). A meeting with Nera Griffith, a local Rasta girl, would however turn his life around completely. Today Nera is his life companion and Michael Williams has become Jamelody. On 'Be Prepared' Bobby Digital produced the more solid reggae tracks ('Be Prepared' on the One For The Road riddim or 'Give Thanks' on Gentleman's Dem Gone riddim) and Carl James signed for the softer r&b work. Reggae lovers with an open mind (be sure to check the great Stevie Wonder cover 'Ribbon In The Sky' or the gospel ballad 'When The Saints Go To Worship') will certainly recognize the gem 'Be Prepared' really is!