In the current sociopolitical climate, some bands and artists have almost become an anachronism and that both musically and in terms of content. Take Brussels based Jaune Toujours for example, which for more than twenty years has been steering its own course and (not counting their 2017 collector's box '20sth') after more than five years is presenting a new album with 'Europeana'. The title of the album refers to recent European news events (ranging from daily traffic jams on the Brussels beltway in 'Veiculo Longo', over the Belgian political circus in 'Cinema Politika' and 'Refugees Welcome', a song in support of the Citizens' Platform in Support of Refugees/Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés, the hundreds of volunteers who've been taking care of the stranded "transmigrants" in an around the Brussels North Station for months now, to 'Funky Brussels', a tribute to the band's home base and a musical response to the famous "hellhole" remark by American president Trump or the story of Jan Jambon's dancing Muslims after the 2016 terrorist attacks in Brussels and Zaventem, and 'Même Pas Peur', a response to the gradual normalization of terrorist levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the constant presence of armed soldiers in the streets, or 'Alles Normaal', featuring lyrics that in light of the current climate marches suddenly sound a lot more poignant: "We are just looking straight ahead. Half of the world is drowning, but apart from that, everything is normal!"), to which Jaune Toujours frequently refers in the tracks on 'Europeana', but at the same time is a consequence of the band's Canadian tours as the locals over there recognized something both familiar and exotic in the music of this band from "The Old Continent". In analogy with US americana, Jaune Toujours came up with their own music genre named europeana, blending genres like Balkan-brass (the instrumental 'Balkan Khan'), ska ('Ska-Man'), reggae ('Alles Normaal'), rock, jazz ('Même Pas Peur'), zydeco ('Cinema Politika'), funk ('Funky Brussels') and African influences ('Refugees Welcome'), constantly alternating between English, French and Dutch. As far as the visual presentation of 'Europeana' is concerned, the band went all out as well, as the album is distributed with accompanying photo book in LP format full of work by drummer Théophane Raballand. Quirky world music straight from the heart of Europe but refrained from linguistic or other boundaries!