The last time Brussels band Jaune Toujours made these pages, they were working with Beninese Gangbé Brass Band, a collaboration that ultimately culminated in the 'Afrobelbeat (Be/Nin)' EP. From that EP 'Ciel Orange' reappears in the track list of 'Routes' and for 'C'est Parti (À La Rencontre Des Gens Perdus)' Jaune Toujours also got the assistance of Martial Ahouandjinou, trombonist with Gangbé Brass Band. Don't be fooled by the festive sound of the songs on 'Routes'; the mix of punk, pop, jazz, dub, ska and Balkan often hides profound lyrics: 'Petit Chateau' refers to the "Petit Château" in Brussels and discusses the hope one day being able to say it was worth all the trouble, 'All Eyes' is about the fact these days both left and right seem to point towards the center and 'Rainbow Song' is a tribute to the impressive sing-along tens of thousands of Norwegians held on April 26th 2012, all singing Pete Seeger's 'My Rainbow Race' in response to the statements made by extreme right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik who called the song an example of Marxist indoctrination. A feast for body and mind!